This category lists benchmarking projects I have undertaken.

Co-managed the consulting team at TEConomy Partners that produced a comprehensive strategic plan for the Maryland Economic Development Corporation, a state-chartered, non-profit, economic-development financing entity. Interviewed stakeholders, benchmarked peer state programs, reviewed programmatic and economic data, and participated in strategy formation.

Benchmarked potentially competitive efforts in California, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Ohio as part of a comprehensive strategy on Autonomous Mobile Systems prepared by TEConomy Partners for the Regional Industrial Development Corporation and the Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce.

Conducted benchmarking and stakeholder interviews as part of an organizational-design effort staffed by TEConomy Partners for UNC READDI, a multi-institutional initiative to develop several new classes of drugs for emerging viral diseases.

Advisor to the president of the university on pathways available for starting a program of externally sponsored research at this predominantly undergraduate institution in Memphis. Prepared extensive background material for a special committee of deans and administrators reporting to the president.

Benchmarked examples of other nations’ support for advanced-biomanufacturing initiatives, included in a report by TEConomy Partners for PhRMA, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America.

Contributed benchmarking analysis to a comprehensive plan prepared by TEConomy Partners LLC for a Food Animal Initiative (FAI) being developed jointly by the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the College of Veterinary Medicine at North Carolina State University. Surveyed peer-competitive initiatives at five other North American campuses, yielding lessons learned for the FAI at NC State.

Benchmarked biomedical R&D research consortia potentially comparable to the new Hampton Roads Biomedical Research Consortium, as part of an overall program design executed by TEConomy Partners for Old Dominion University, Eastern Virginia Medical School, and Sentara Healthcare.

Conducted international benchmarking research for a report prepared for Pfizer by TEConomy Partners LLC entitled “Response and Resilience: Lessons Learned from Global Life Sciences Ecosystems in the COVID-19 Pandemic.”

Benchmarked policies, laws, and programs designed to encourage value-added food processing, as part of an unpublished supplement to an economic-impact study of MU Extension.

Researched and summarized laws and policies in Arkansas, Indiana, Iowa, and Kansas and also described food innovation center programs at Cornell, Kansas State, Michigan State, Oregon State, Rutgers, and University of Nebraska Lincoln.

Benchmarked metro-level entrepreneurial initiatives in seven states for GO Virginia, as an unpublished addendum to a published study conducted by TEConomy Partners for the State Council for Higher Education in Virginia (SCHEV) on behalf of the Virginia Research Investment Committee (VRIC).