My library of university economic-impact studies is reasonably popular, so I am beginning a parallel collection of impact studies on tbed programs and organizations. I am generally more sympathetic to this kind of evaluation, since at least the counterfactual condition — no program at all — is credible. However, there are still measurement questions. If you are a copyright owner and have a problem with your study being posted here, just let me know and I will replace it with a link to your site.

Ben Franklin Technology Partners (2009)
Ben Franklin Technology Partners (2018)
BioCrossroads (Indiana) Capital Strategy Report (2021)
Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus (2016)
Connecticut Innovations FY05-08 2010
Cortex Innovation Community (St. Louis) (2019)
Maryland TEDCO Impact (2021)
Maryland TEDCO Impact (2018)
Maryland TEDCO Impact (2015)
North Carolina Biotech Center (2018)
Ohio Third Frontier (2009)
Sandia Science and Technology Park (2016)
Science Center (2016)
Science Center, Philadelphia (2009)
University of Arizona Tech Park (2013)
University of Illinois Research Park (2017)
University of New Orleans Research and Technology Park (2017)