David Hochman is a management consultant specializing in technology-based (sometimes called innovation-based) economic development or “tbed.”

If you need to generate better economic performance – more company formation and job creation – from science & engineering innovators in your institution or community, let me work with you. Drawing on decades of relevant professional experience, I can help you analyze, redesign, or simply “tune” the culture and performance of your community’s ecosystems for industrial R&D partnerships and startup formation across all fields of science & technology.

Type of clients served

Here are the types of clients I usually serve. Links will take you to recent engagements for that client type:

Services offered

Here are the services I usually offer. Links will take you to recent engagements of that type:

Qualifications, résumé, & testimonials

  • Experience as a private-sector entrepreneur & public-sector grant-maker
  • Proven ability to interact with degreed professionals in research institution settings
  • Wide-ranging technical literacy, familiarity with economic-development practice
  • Superior writing skills, ease at public speaking, understanding of needs of journalists
  • Success at interacting with leading figures in science, business, and philanthropy