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“You are one of the rare and admirable citizens who makes public service worthwhile.”

“You handled your assignment with great aplomb and skill.”

[Regarding my service as Interim Executive Director of the New Jersey Commission on Science and Technology.]

“The sage advice and guidance, and strong support that you have provided us throughout our history cannot be overstated. You have contributed significantly to [our center’s] success.”

“He’s a solid all around public manager, with a good background in finance, an excellent rapport with the private entrepreneurial sector, and a high level of personal integrity. He served three Governors of alternating political affiliations in a position outside our civil service — a testament to the trust that was placed in him here.”

[From a letter of reference.]

“A great asset to our city . . . I must say that I am saddened to see [him] leave Philadelphia.”

[From a letter of reference provided by him to the former Mayor of the City of New York]

“A quiet but effective advocate of community empowerment.”

“I could not be more pleased with your work and the results of this important economic development initiative. Your leadership was instrumental to our success.”

“You provided an interesting and insightful contribution towards understanding the relationships among technology, institutions and economic development. My office has received many favorable responses.”

“You provided us with an expert’s outside review of our programs supporting innovation and entrepreneurship. . . . All of us here greatly appreciate your guidance.”

“You met all my expectations and all these companies are much better for it.”

“This is an excellent analysis, with helpful recommendations.”

“I have reviewed your report and I find it informative and very useful.”

“I want to thank you for all of the advice, support and guidance you provided to me and the entire [project] team over the years. It is people like you who work so hard to help energy businesses grow across the state and the nation and all of us at NYSERDA are grateful for your hard work and enthusiasm.”

“Your flexibility and intelligence are an enormous help in a program that delivers huge value to our companies.”

I also want to extend my personal thanks for your efforts with the Sloan Foundation to get NYC on the same economic-development page.”