Effective at the start of this month, I have turned over management of the Business Incubator Association of New York State (BIA/NYS) to Marc Alessi, an attorney and startup entrepreneur. This concludes my decade-long adventure in social entrepreneurship, building a new trade association from scratch. It’s been a rewarding if challenging task, and I’m happy to place it now in the hands of capable, energetic, new leadership.

This was conceived initially as a part-time job I could do while continuing to consult, but it always seemed to take more time and resources than planned. To become sustainable, the association now must grow revenues enough to support both the executive and admin functions. Marc is a former state assemblyman who’s also been serving as the launch CEO of a biomedical-instrumentation startup, and he’s both well suited and fully committed to the challenge.

I warmly appreciate the support I’ve had throughout my tenure from the association board of directors and the membership at large. Several have become good friends over the years, and I thank all for the many kind thoughts expressed at this transition. This change frees me to reallocate more of my time back to consulting projects, and I intend to do so. I also have begun experimenting with angel investing, and I plan to continue to expand that effort insofar as I prudently can.

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The wraps have finally come off a transition in my primary consulting affiliation. The group of consultants formerly comprising the Battelle Technology Partnership Practice has been reconstituted as TEConomy Partners LLC, a free-standing firm that has inherited all of TPP’s active client engagements.

TEConomyPartnerslogoThe main team at TEConomy Partners includes some of the hardest-working, clearest-thinking, and most versatile strategy consultants I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I am most pleased to be listed as an associate and special advisor (and it’s a humbling group of industry giants to be grouped with).
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The 2016 awards cycle has just opened for the Innovations in American Government Awards administered by the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation at the Harvard Kennedy School. The purpose of this prestigious awards program is to recognize creative and innovative government programs that have significant impact and are replicable nationally.

Innovations in American Government ProgramAs in previous years, I am serving as an advisor/recruiter in the community and economic development section of the IAG awards. I am particularly eager to see excellent submissions from programs in innovation- or technology-based economic development, but I am also interested in anchor institution programs managed by state or local government. If you have a candidate to recommend, you may contact me or submit an application directly.

Only programs administered under the authority of one or more governmental units are eligible to apply, and the application must come from a governmental unit. If the program you want to nominate is operated by a nonprofit in a public/private partnership, please allow me to connect you directly to program staff to discuss eligiblility.

The application deadline is April 15, 2016.