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    County        State code    County GEOID   Metro Division   CBSA          CSA           Central outlying   Metro/non-metro status   Economic dependency (ERS)   Map query    
    Adams CountyIL 17001   Quincy, IL-MO 39500Quincy-Hannibal, IL-MO 448Centralnonmetro county (rural)nonspecialized
    Adams CountyIN 18001   Decatur, IN 19540Fort
    IN 258
    Centralnonmetro county (rural)manufacturing-dependent
    Adams CountyIA 19003         Non-metropolitannonmetro county (rural)manufacturing-dependent
    Adams CountyMS 28001   Natchez, MS-LA 35020   Centralnonmetro county (rural)nonspecialized
    Adams CountyNE 31001   Hastings, NE 25580   Centralnonmetro county (rural)nonspecialized
    Adams CountyND 38001         Non-metropolitannonmetro county (rural)farm-dependent
    Adams CountyOH 39001         Non-metropolitannonmetro county (rural)nonspecialized
    Adams CountyPA 42001   Gettysburg, PA 23900Harrisburg-York-Lebanon,
    PA 276
    Centralmetro county (urban)nonspecialized
    Adams CountyWA 53001   Othello, WA 36830Moses Lake-Othello, WA 393Centralnonmetro county (rural)farm-dependent
    Adams CountyWI 55001         Non-metropolitannonmetro county (rural)recreation
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