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   Minor Civil Division
   West North Central 4



County        State code    County GEOID   Metro Division   CBSA          CSA           Central outlying   Metro/non-metro status   Economic dependency (ERS)   Map query    
Murray CountyMN 27101          nonmetro county (rural)farm-dependent
Nicollet CountyMN 27103   Mankato, MN 31860Mankato-New Ulm, MN 359Centralmetro county (urban)manufacturing-dependent
Nobles CountyMN 27105   Worthington, MN 49380   Centralnonmetro county (rural)manufacturing-dependent
Norman CountyMN 27107          nonmetro county (rural)farm-dependent
Olmsted CountyMN 27109   Rochester, MN 40340Rochester-Austin-Winona,
MN 462
Centralmetro county (urban)nonspecialized
Otter Tail CountyMN 27111   Fergus Falls, MN 22260   Centralnonmetro county (rural)recreation
Pennington CountyMN 27113          nonmetro county (rural)nonspecialized
Pine CountyMN 27115          nonmetro county (rural)recreation
Pipestone CountyMN 27117          nonmetro county (rural)farm-dependent
Polk CountyMN 27119   Grand Forks, ND-MN 24220   Centralmetro county (urban)nonspecialized

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