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    Place         State-County-Place code   State         Place GEOID   Placetype     CBSA          CSA           NECTA         CNECTA       
    Albany CDP5600100680WY5600680Census Designated PlaceLaramie, WY 29660         
    Centennial CDP5600113440WY5613440Census Designated PlaceLaramie, WY 29660         
    Fox Park CDP5600129390WY5629390Census Designated PlaceLaramie, WY 29660         
    Laramie city5600145050WY5645050Incorporated PlaceLaramie, WY 29660         
    Rock River town5600167090WY5667090Incorporated PlaceLaramie, WY 29660         
    Woods Landing-Jelm CDP5600184852WY5684852Census Designated PlaceLaramie, WY 29660         
    Basin town5600305320WY5605320Incorporated Place            
    Burlington town5600311120WY5611120Incorporated Place            
    Byron town5600311700WY5611700Incorporated Place            
    Cowley town5600317645WY5617645Incorporated Place            
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