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    Subdivision GEOID   County subdivision   County        State abbrev   Functional status code  
    0201301598Aleutians East census
    Aleutians East BoroughAKStatistical entity S
    0201601615Aleutians West census
    Aleutians West Census
    AKStatistical entity S
    0202003050Anchorage census subareaAnchorage MunicipalityAKStatistical entity S
    0205003580Aniak census subareaBethel Census AreaAKStatistical entity S
    0205045510Lower Kuskokwim census
    Bethel Census AreaAKStatistical entity S
    0206009050Bristol Bay census
    Bristol Bay BoroughAKStatistical entity S
    0206314420Chugach census subareaChugach Census AreaAKStatistical entity S
    0206617350Copper River census
    Copper River Census AreaAKStatistical entity S
    0206818765Denali census subareaDenali BoroughAKStatistical entity S
    0207019000Dillingham census subareaDillingham Census AreaAKStatistical entity S
    Page 1 of 3644
       1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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