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   Minor Civil Division
   West North Central 4



County        State code    County GEOID   Metro Division   CBSA          CSA           Central outlying   Metro/non-metro status   Economic dependency (ERS)   Map query    
Aitkin CountyMN 27001         Non-metropolitannonmetro county (rural)recreation
Becker CountyMN 27005         Non-metropolitannonmetro county (rural)recreation
Beltrami CountyMN 27007   Bemidji, MN 13420   Centralnonmetro county (rural)recreation
Big Stone CountyMN 27011         Non-metropolitannonmetro county (rural)farm-dependent
Carlton CountyMN 27017   Duluth, MN-WI 20260   Outlyingmetro county (urban)nonspecialized
Cass CountyMN 27021   Brainerd, MN 14660   Outlyingnonmetro county (rural)recreation
Chippewa CountyMN 27023         Non-metropolitannonmetro county (rural)farm-dependent
Clearwater CountyMN 27029         Non-metropolitannonmetro county (rural)nonspecialized
Cook CountyMN 27031         Non-metropolitannonmetro county (rural)recreation
Cottonwood CountyMN 27033         Non-metropolitannonmetro county (rural)manufacturing-dependent

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