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   Minor Civil Division
   West North Central 4



County        State code    County GEOID   Metro Division   CBSA          CSA           Central outlying   Metro/non-metro status   Economic dependency (ERS)   Map query    
Aitkin CountyMN 27001          nonmetro county (rural)recreation
Becker CountyMN 27005   Detroit Lakes, MN 19810   Centralnonmetro county (rural)recreation
Beltrami CountyMN 27007   Bemidji, MN 13420   Centralnonmetro county (rural)recreation
Big Stone CountyMN 27011          nonmetro county (rural)farm-dependent
Cass CountyMN 27021   Brainerd, MN 14660   Outlyingnonmetro county (rural)recreation
Chippewa CountyMN 27023          nonmetro county (rural)farm-dependent
Clearwater CountyMN 27029          nonmetro county (rural)nonspecialized
Cook CountyMN 27031          nonmetro county (rural)recreation
Cottonwood CountyMN 27033          nonmetro county (rural)manufacturing-dependent
Crow Wing CountyMN 27035   Brainerd, MN 14660   Centralnonmetro county (rural)recreation

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