Same team, different name: TEConomy Partners

The wraps have finally come off a transition in my primary consulting affiliation. The group of consultants formerly comprising the Battelle Technology Partnership Practice has been reconstituted as TEConomy Partners LLC, a free-standing firm that has inherited all of TPP’s active client engagements.

TEConomyPartnerslogoThe main team at TEConomy Partners includes some of the hardest-working, clearest-thinking, and most versatile strategy consultants I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I am most pleased to be listed as an associate and special advisor (and it’s a humbling group of industry giants to be grouped with).

The new website describes our mission as well as I ever could:

We help clients compete in an economy that is increasingly global, knowledge-based, and driven by innovation. Our clients comprise universities, governments, economic development agencies, industry, trade associations, and non-profit institutions. They are diverse, but they all share a common need to understand and navigate the innovation economy.

At the site, you’ll find a complete listing all the major projects conducted by the principals during their years working for Battelle, grouped by the nature of the engagement. (A somewhat analogous listing for projects in which I’ve been involved with this group over the last two decades can be found on my own site here, and I’ll start tagging new projects TEConomy Partners in the future.)

Please join me in following the TEConomy partners blog, and of course let me introduce you if you have a strategy consulting project too complex for my individual capacity and suitable for a larger group practice.