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   North Carolina
   Minor Civil Division
   South Atlantic 5



County        State code    County GEOID   Metro Division   CBSA          CSA           Central outlying   Metro/non-metro status   Economic dependency (ERS)   Map query    
Alamance CountyNC 37001   Burlington, NC 15500Greensboro--Winston-Salem--High
Point, NC 268
Centralmetro county (urban)nonspecialized
Alexander CountyNC 37003   Hickory-Lenoir-Morganton,
NC 25860
Charlotte-Concord, NC-SC 172Outlyingmetro county (urban)manufacturing-dependent
Alleghany CountyNC 37005         Non-metropolitannonmetro county (rural)recreation
Anson CountyNC 37007         Non-metropolitannonmetro county (rural)federal/state
Ashe CountyNC 37009         Non-metropolitannonmetro county (rural)recreation
Avery CountyNC 37011         Non-metropolitannonmetro county (rural)recreation
Beaufort CountyNC 37013   Washington, NC 47820Greenville-Washington, NC 274Centralnonmetro county (rural)manufacturing-dependent
Bertie CountyNC 37015         Non-metropolitannonmetro county (rural)manufacturing-dependent
Bladen CountyNC 37017         Non-metropolitannonmetro county (rural)manufacturing-dependent
Brunswick CountyNC 37019   Myrtle Beach-Conway-North
Myrtle Beach, SC-NC 34820
Myrtle Beach-Conway,
SC-NC 396
Centralmetro county (urban)recreation

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