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    Place         State-County-Place code   State         Place GEOID   Placetype     CBSA          CSA           NECTA         CNECTA       
    Bear River town5604105625WY5605625Incorporated PlaceEvanston, WY 21740         
    Evanston city5604125620WY5625620Incorporated PlaceEvanston, WY 21740         
    Lyman town5604148675WY5648675Incorporated PlaceEvanston, WY 21740         
    Mountain View town5604155345WY5655345Incorporated PlaceEvanston, WY 21740         
    Ten Sleep town5604375790WY5675790Incorporated Place            
    Worland city5604384925WY5684925Incorporated Place            
    Newcastle city5604556215WY5656215Incorporated Place            
    Upton town5604579125WY5679125Incorporated Place            
    Page 3084 of 3084

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