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    Place         State-County-Place code   State         Place GEOID   Placetype     CBSA          CSA           NECTA         CNECTA       
    Mosquito Lake CDP0210050800AK0250800Census Designated Place            
    Mud Bay CDP0210051455AK0251455Census Designated Place            
    Elfin Cove CDP0210522140AK0222140Census Designated Place            
    Game Creek CDP0210527700AK0227700Census Designated Place            
    Hobart Bay CDP0210532550AK0232550Census Designated Place            
    Klukwan CDP0210540510AK0240510Census Designated Place            
    Whitestone Logging Camp
    0210584200AK0284200Census Designated Place            
    Anchor Point CDP0212203110AK0203110Census Designated Place            
    Bear Creek CDP0212205585AK0205585Census Designated Place            
    Beluga CDP0212206245AK0206245Census Designated Place            
    Page 18 of 3084

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