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    Place         State-County-Place code   State         Place GEOID   Placetype     CBSA          CSA           NECTA         CNECTA       
    Tununak CDP0205079230AK0279230Census Designated Place            
    King Salmon CDP0206039630AK0239630Census Designated Place            
    Naknek CDP0206052060AK0252060Census Designated Place            
    South Naknek CDP0206072190AK0272190Census Designated Place            
    Cantwell CDP0206810150AK0210150Census Designated Place            
    Ferry CDP0206825220AK0225220Census Designated Place            
    Healy CDP0206832150AK0232150Census Designated Place            
    McKinley Park CDP0206846560AK0246560Census Designated Place            
    Koliganek CDP0207041500AK0241500Census Designated Place            
    Portage Creek CDP0207062285AK0262285Census Designated Place            
    Page 15 of 3084

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