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    Place         State-County-Place code   State         Place GEOID   Placetype     CBSA          CSA           NECTA         CNECTA       
    Adelino CDP3506100940NM3500940Census Designated PlaceAlbuquerque, NM 10740Albuquerque-Santa Fe-Las
    Vegas, NM 106
    Adell village5511700450WI5500450Incorporated PlaceSheboygan, WI 43100         
    Adelphi CDP2403300400MD2400400Census Designated PlaceWashington-Arlington-Alexandria,
    DC-VA-MD-WV 47900
    DC-MD-VA-WV-PA 548
    Adelphi village3914100450OH3900450Incorporated PlaceChillicothe, OH 17060Columbus-Marion-Zanesville,
    OH 198
    Adena village (part)3906700464OH3900464Incorporated Place            
    Adena village (part)3908100464OH3900464Incorporated PlaceWeirton-Steubenville,
    WV-OH 48260
    Castle-Weirton, PA-OH-WV 430
    Adin CDP0604900310CA0600310Census Designated Place            
    Adjuntas zona urbana7200100358PR7200358Census Designated PlaceAdjuntas, PR 10260Ponce-Coamo-Santa Isabel,
    PR 434
    Admire city2011100325KS2000325Incorporated PlaceEmporia, KS 21380         
    Adona city0510500250AR0500250Incorporated PlaceLittle Rock-North Little
    Rock-Conway, AR 30780
    Little Rock-North Little
    Rock, AR 340
    Page 12 of 3084

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