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    Subdivision GEOID   County subdivision   County        State abbrev   Functional status code  
    0402793978Yuma CCDYuma CountyAZStatistical entity S
    0812591850Idalia-Joes CCDYuma CountyCOStatistical entity S
    0812593914Wray CCDYuma CountyCOStatistical entity S
    0812593952Yuma CCDYuma CountyCOStatistical entity S
    4850593455San Ygnacio CCDZapata CountyTXStatistical entity S
    4850594310Zapata CCDZapata CountyTXStatistical entity S
    4850790215Batesville CCDZavala CountyTXStatistical entity S
    4850790920Crystal City CCDZavala CountyTXStatistical entity S
    4850792140La Pryor CCDZavala CountyTXStatistical entity S
    4613717420Dupree cityZiebach CountySDFictitious entity created
    to fill the Census Bureau
    geographic hierarchy F
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