Benchmarked for Black Hills (South Dakota) Vision three consortial R&D efforts in multiscale materials science and three more in bioproducts/bioprocessing.

Project staff for for the Industrial and Technology Assistance Corporation (ITAC) in conducting a review of business incubators in NYS, funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and NYSTAR.

Benchmarked five university-based programs to connect advanced polymer research with industrial practice, as part of a broader strategy project for PolymerOhio and (the former) Nortech.

Polymer Ohio

Benchmarked the strategies of four competing states as part of a broader project to assist Mass Insight in developing strategic alliances and roadmaps for the Commonwealth’s critical technology sectors.

Mass Insight Strategic_Alliances

Benchmarked university research parks in six regions as part of a state-sponsored strategy project for East Baltimore Development Incorporated, resulting in strategy for a research park adjacent to The Johns Hopkins University medical campus.

Conducted benchmarking and stakeholder interviews as part of a broader effort to develop a state bioscience cluster strategy, performed for the (former) Colorado Office of Innovation and Technology.


Benchmarked eight competing regions with bioscience strategies built around downown medical districts and research parks, as part of a broader strategy project commisioned by Memphis Tomorrow on behalf of the (former) Memphis Biotech Foundation (now Bioworks).

Memphis Biosciences Report

Conducted extensive in-field stakeholder interviews as part of a bioscience cluster strategy for the Bio Economic Technology Alliance (BETA) hosted by the Economic Development Council of Western Massachusetts.

Facilitated a focus-group session convened by the Metropolitan Development Alliance (MDA) of Syracuse and Central New York (since reorganized into the CenterState Corporation for Economic Opportunity) to assess potential strategies for a business incubator in environmental technology.

Conducted extensive benchmarking of competitive state and univeristy initiatives in both information technology (2000) and nanotechnology (2005) for the Connecticut Office of Workforce Competitiveness.